Delta Green, River Scapes, 2019


Feb 1st–Feb 28th 2020

The Elmhurst Artists’ Guild (EAG) will host an exhibit by the fotoMuses, a group of fifteen women photographers from the Chicago area. The women note that, despite many commonalities and differences, they unite in their mutual love for the art of photography. The group has been together for twenty years. Perhaps that is why, “Potpourri,” despite a wide range of photographic sensibilities and disparate artistic voices, is a well-curated show that blends these voices together like a well-rehearsed choir. The show is colorful, playful, imaginative, and thought provoking. The fotoMuses granted themselves complete freedom with the theme for this show. The only rule was that they allowed their inner muses to express themselves freely. This is local fine art photography at its best.

The fotoMuses include artists Joanne Barsanti, Marita Blanken, Diane Bruno, Noriko Buckles, Anne Frantzen, Delta Greene, Janice Henry, Joan Kalmanek, Judy Kinal, Joan Ladendorf, Linda Markese, Cheryl Rausch, Marjorie Reichart, Joan Trushin, and Barbara Work.