The Collage Sisthars: Keep Your Edges Glued Down

Sep 10th–Sep 30th 2019

The Collage Sisthars (Pronounced: Sis-TAAS) work in a variety of styles, media and themes – all with a component of collage. Among the varied pieces on display are over one hundred small masterpieces that have been created and exchanged.

The Sisthars’ main focus is to explore and play with the wild world of mixed-media arts and to provide an outlet for sharing and nurturing each other’s creativity. As one Sisthar explained, “I have found my tribe.” The women share techniques on painting, journaling, polymer clay, resin, surface design, fabric, collage, jewelry and encaustic painting.

The Sisthars have a variety of interests and backgrounds. There are graphic designers, bookbinders, painters, writers, interior designers, art quilters, photographers and jewelers. Some practice their art full-time, others create when they can, but all are united by their love for paper and learning new techniques.

The Sisthars started meeting in 2004, when a group of nine women met at a collage class at the Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St. Charles, IL and had such a great time together, they decided to continue to meet - taking turns presenting different mixed-media techniques and ideas. Since those first nine, the email list has grown to over 100 names. The Sisthars just happen to be all women, but would love to welcome a male Sisthar into the fold – it just hasn’t happened yet.

At the exhibit, to celebrate November as the month of gratitude, there will be a collection of collaged hearts created by artists with a donation Box. This “on your honor” donation box invites the community to take a heart and give back. The funds collected will be given to the Re:new Project. There will be a representative from the Glen Ellyn-based organization the night of the reception, to show and tell about the work the are doing to support refugee women and help them to thrive.