Amy Park, Blue Goldberg, 2005

Soiree 2021: Auction Exhibition

Oct 13th–Oct 22nd 2021

All of the artworks and experiences for this year's Soiree 2021: Par-tee at the Museum will be featured in a week-long exhibition. Thanks so much to our generous artists and donors for their continued support to this annual fundraiser as well as our continued efforts to inspire and enrich lives.

Featured artists: A Couple of Putts, Harold Altman, Cat Clausen, Alex Bradley Cohen, Digitas Chicago, Kevin Finnerty, Michiko Itatani, Wesley Kimler, Bernard Kleina, Cydney Lewis, Amy Park, John Pittman, Corey Postiglione, Judith Raphael, Jane Sloss, Lucy Smith, Katherine Steiner, Sean Sullivan, Carolyn Swiszcz, Billy Tokyo, Frank Trankina, Carol Wax, Charles Williams, Jr., Patrick Wilson, Serena Wise, and Matthew Woodward

Unable to attend Soiree 2021? Learn more about how you can bid on these items and support the museum's mission. Contact our Events Manager at