Photography by Museum Staff.

STEAM Student Workshop Exhibition

Jul 7th–Aug 8th 2021

On view in our Hostetler Gallery, the Elmhurst Art Museum’s STEAM Workshop aims to introduce teen participants to the interconnectedness of nature and architecture, technology, and creative practice.

The workshop is part of programming for the upcoming exhibition Houses of Tomorrow and explores the concepts of Light and Solar from a wide historical perspective.

Elmhurst Art Museum’s architecture and the McCormick House are examples of solar architecture and provide the natural space for these inquiries.

The use of solar energy and sustaining our natural resources are part of the global efforts to stop climate change with education and cultural production leading the way for society to change.

The participants in the workshop learned about light, electricity, and mechanics and how to incorporate them into creative statements on our environment.

The School of the Art Institute educators Jan Tichy and Michael Powell developed the workshop to be part of the community outreach during Houses of Tomorrow in Spring 2022.

Student participants: Lauren & Ellison, Anna Michniewicz, John Ogan, Ben Piechaczek, and Lilly Piechaczek

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.