Discover more about how biomimicry inspires designs in art and technology.

Nature’s Blueprints is a family-friendly show featuring interactive learning stations that explore ways we can be inspired by nature’s incredibly resourceful designs. As always, children are free!

The exhibit explores, biomimicry, different types of natural emulation that can help us continue to innovate through art and design. For instance: how forest burrs inspired Velcro; how beetles’ teeth inspired a more efficient chainsaw; how bird and bat wings aided early flight tests; and how spiderwebs have inspired suspension bridges.

Learn more through these resources:

Biomimicry, film
This 20 minute film features co-founder of the Biomimicry Institute Janine Benyus. The film premiered in October 2015 and was made possible by Leonardo DiCaprio, Executive Producers Oliver Stanton, directed by Leila Conners, produced by Mathew Schmid and Bryony Schwan, created by Tree Media with Executive Producers Roee Sharon Peled and George DiCaprio. Link from the Biomimicry Institute website.


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Books for Younger Readers

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