photo by Mikko Lemola

In a unique collision of recreation and art, we commissioned a fully playable mini golf course designed by local and national artists. The two 9-hole courses consisted of a surprisingly varied collection of themes and forms, promising an unusual twist on a familiar pastime – including a fortune-telling hole that has the power to dramatically change scores as well as a hole that challenges players with an optical illusion.

Visit The Front 9 and The Back 9 exhibit pages for a list of exhibiting artists and sponsors.

Promotional video by Explore Elmhurst.

The Back 9: Meet the Artists (Part 2). Interviews with Joshua Lowe, Vincent Lotesto, Wesley Baker, Liam Wilson, and Donna Piacenza

The Back 9: Meet the Artists (Part 1). Interviews with Annalee Koehn, KT Duffy, Eve Fineman, David Quednau, and Jim Merz

Meet the Artists: Hole #9 Determine Your Fate by Annalee Koehn

Meet the Artists: Hole #8 Tricki Miraj by the Teen Art Council. Join the Teen Art Council.

Meet the Artists: Hole #7 Chairy Who? by Gautam Rao

Meet the Artists: Hole #6 Just Desserts by Latent Design

Meet the Artists: Hole #5 Greens of Cabrini by Julie Cowan, Benjamin Good, Neil Good, and John Serafin

Meet the Artists: Hole #4 Razzle Dazzle by Artist Andrea Jablonski and Evan Stolatis of Stolatis Fab LLC

Meet the Artists: Hole #3 Straight Shot by Current Projects

Meet the Artists: Hole #2 Participation Trophy by Jesse Meredith

Meet the Artists: Hole #1 Cross-Section Castle by A Couple of Putts

Preview Hole #1: Cross-Section Castle by A Couple of Putts

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